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We are proud to be the NO 1 company that specializes in the recovery of valuable materials from discarded products.

Vaslotrim (Pty) Ltd purchases and recycles products that contain:








In the recovery industry, these precious metal elements can be found in automotive catalytic converters. Also known as pollution control catalysts. These same metallurgic mineral properties are found in the chemical industry, oil refineries, industrial industries and jewellery products.

Due to complexity and unique associations of precious metals in different products the accurate determination of the valuable content in each consignment is of paramount importance.

The occurrence of these precious metals in feed material has a major impact on processing. Which needs to be followed to achieve maximum metal recovery and optimum liability.

Accurate sampling and analysing determines each and every unit purchased is treated to ensure profitability.  To secure the healthy growth of the industry, diligent management from acquisition to final product is required. Vaslotrim (Pty) Ltd pride ourselves In this.

At Vaslotrim (Pty) Ltd the process of recycling material containing precious metals is conducted with integrity, honesty and professionalism.  The client is always assured of a fair deal and competitive price for their product.

Vaslotrim (Pty) Ltd is the leader in recycling of catalytic converters and Industrial waste.  We certify that value is added to our waste streams. Valuable components are recovered and the environment is kept clean and healthy.

Purchasing of Platinum group metals containing materials at Vaslotrim (Pty) Ltd is done on a transparent basis.

To clinch maximum return and those extra Rand’s in your pocket, please contact Vaslotrim (Pty) Ltd without delay. So that we can assist with any enquiries or help with pricing.