Platinum in a catalytic converter?

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Platinum amounts differ in catalytic converters significantly, depending on the year the catalytic converter has been made and of course the type of vehicle it is used in. Small cars for instance will have less, than say larger vehicles such as trucks for example.

Catalytic converters are composed of elements which are essentially alike. However there is a broad variant in the metallic makeup and consistency. Catalytic converter size and constitution is reliant on engine displacement and the type of fuel that vehicle uses. Differing market prices of platinum extraction on catalytic converter recycling with the inclusion of supply and demand fluctuating over the years. Has impacted the quantity of platinum used in the manufacturing of  catalytic converters over the years.

Catalytic converters are part of the vehicles exhaust system and are used in internal combustion engines. Whether these are fueled by petrol or diesel. The platinum in the catalytic converter’s purpose is to speed up the chemical reaction used to convert damaging car emissions into less detrimental substances.

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