Vaslotrim (PTY) LTD and Industrial waste

Industrial waste with precious metals is widely used. The specific application of the precious metal characterises it to report to one of four major industrial waste recyclingareas.

Automotive catalytic converters 39%
Industrial applications 22%
Jewellery   31%
Investment 8%


In the Industrial waste section platinum group metals are found in the by product and waste streams of the platinum producers as well as in the:industrial waste recycling

Glass industry – high temperature alloys

Chemical industry

Oil refineries

Dental Industry

Electric and Electronic section

In the jewellery section, platinum, gold and silver are used in the manufacturing of rings, chains, bracelets and other items.

Vaslotrim (Pty) Ltd purchases industrial waste as well as other items containing any of the seven precious metals as listed.

With the recycling of the Industrial waste Vaslotrim (Pty) Ltd is proud of its contribution to the environment and “cleaning-up” the earth of harmful substances.industrial waste recycling